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Aligning parts to a common origin

lougallolougallo Member, Moderator, Onshape Employees, Developers Posts: 1,997
As we are working on bringing an origin, planes and Part Studio reference planes to Onshape Assemblies, there is a simple way to work around this now.  I know a few of you have discovered this approach and I thought I would share.  

This can be done with a simple block but for the purposes of presentation, I have done a bit more than that.  In one PS I build 3 simple axis and moved them in place to share a common point.  Once we have this we can follow the animation below:

  1. Insert entire Part Studio into an Assembly. ( don't click in the graphics area which keeps it on the hidden origin .)
  2. Select the 3 parts of the Part Studio and Group them to act as a single entity.
  3. Fix one of the parts
I have shared this document  as public so you can right click on the Assembly Origin tab and "Copy to clipboard" and paste it into your own document if you like.  The link is here.

Now you will have the fixed entity in the Assembly to lock to.  The shared vertex can act as an origin and the faces of the axes can act as planes to mate to.  When you are done, hide the parts.  Once we have these are part of the Assembly interface I will update this post.  ~Lou

Lou Gallo / PD/UX - Support - Community / Onshape, Inc.
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