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Deleting Branch Workspaces

jmccormickjmccormick Member Posts: 38 PRO
When I am done with a design branch, have saved a version of the branch, and restored the winning branch to the main workspace - Would it be a best practice to delete the branch workspace so it cannot be further propagated?  I understand that a new branch can be started from the saved version if needed.

It seems like a loose end to me to leave all of those obsolete ideas (my current small project has 10 branches so far) with an active workspace.  

This might be a dumb question but now I have asked it... :neutral:


  • john_mcclaryjohn_mcclary Member, Developers Posts: 3,354 PRO
    it is good practice to 'trim the head' of the branch by deleting the white dot.

    it will delete all history of the branch up to the last version. So if you want to keep that history, create a version first then trim the head.

    when there is a white dot on the top that means you can edit.
    When it is solid it is read only

    here is what it will look like once you delete B1

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