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Rotation of a part around the center of mass.

sergei_nesterovsergei_nesterov Member Posts: 43 ✭✭
Good day!
There was a need to rotate the part around the center of mass in PartStudio. The 'Transform-Rotate' function requires a specific axis around which I want to rotate. This is logical if I need to rotate around some object, but what if I do this around the center of mass of the part? I do not have suitable axes for this action, I do not want to create additional sketches for this.
This is where the question comes from. In Onshape there is no tool to rotate around the center of mass of the part or use the construction space axes? For example, the 'Translate by XYZ' function can move an object along the axes without specifying a specific line. This means that the object has its own axes


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