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Scaling images in sketches

yacoobyacoob Member Posts: 2
The new insert image functionality arrived just in time - I have a physical object that I need to model in 3D. I was delighted to see that I can do this:
  • insert image
  • draw a line along a particular feature of the image
  • set a dimension for that line
  • see both the line and the image resize themselves
This allows me to further model the object from the image in scale with the rest of the parts. What I'd like to check is whether this functionality is intended :) Right now it looks like the inserted image will scale together with any shape fully contained within the image, that gets a dimension. It's bit unclear to see this relation change if you move a shape outside of the image. Can this be visualised as a constraint and show in the part studio?

Best Answer


  • yacoobyacoob Member Posts: 2
    Allright. The minimum I'd expect to see soon[tm] would be this behavior explicitly asserted in a tooltip or documentation - just to set people's expectations right. 

    Thanks for making Onshape awesome! :)
  • dan_lipsittdan_lipsitt Member Posts: 2
    I am also interested in a clearer workflow for calibrating image scale.
  • dan_lipsittdan_lipsitt Member Posts: 2
    @lougallo it looks like this isn't logged?
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