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How Can I Map a Configuration Variable to a Custom Property

Kyler_WalkerKyler_Walker Member Posts: 183 PRO
I have parts that have a configuration variable defining their lengths.  I need to get their lengths into OpenBOM.  I'm pretty sure that I can get the lengths into OpenBOM if I send OpenBOM a custom property containing the length.  I just don't know how to link my "Length" custom property to a configuration variable.  How might I do this?  When setting up the custom property, I noticed that there was a button that said "Select computed part property function."  This button allowed my to select a featurescript.  I assume this allows me to write a featurescript to define the value of the configured property.  What would this look like?  Can I directly write to my "Length" property in the featurescript?  Does the featurescript need to return a value that will then get assigned to my "Length" property?  How do I reference the featurescript ID associated with a configuration variable?  This needs to work generally for all my parts across many part studios that have configuration variables determining their lengths.



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