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How to split a drawing on lines and transform the resulting pieces

dave_mankoffdave_mankoff Member Posts: 11 ✭✭
I have a square. The square has several splines running vertically through it, dividing it into strips.

I want to "explode" these strips into independent shapes. 

I can do this by copying and pasting all the various lines, then tediously going through and reassigning constraints, but there are a lot of constraints and this feels very error prone.

Is there a way to directly select lines in a drawing and say "transform and make a copy" such that I only need to specify the distance and direction of the transform?

Put visually, how do I turn the first drawing into the second efficiently (and maintain being fully constrained)?


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    S1monS1mon Member Posts: 2,537 PRO
    Do you really need it to be a series of sketches? What do you want to do with the results of this?

    It would be pretty easy to make a surface, and then split it with whatever curves you want, then transform the pieces.

    Or you could extrude a bunch of faces independently from the same sketch, each making a new part, and then transform the parts as needed.
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