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Internal Threads

Brad_GoodmanBrad_Goodman Member Posts: 33 ✭✭
Awesome to see the new "External Threads" feature! But....I have been using for years a community-provided featurescript tool called "Thread Creator" as my standard for internal threads. (There are a couple of issues with it) the principal one being is that it is VERY slow. Anyway - is there an "anointed" or "standard" tool I should be using for internal threads? I am obviously asking because I thought it was odd that they came out with a new, first-class "External Threads" tool - but there didn't seem to be an explicit "Internal Threads" one. Am I missing something????

(I have looked online - and there are a BUNCH of scripts to do so. It's hard to tell if in (almost) 2023 there is a new or uniform answer).

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