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Improvements to Onshape - January 11th, 2023

NeilCookeNeilCooke Moderator, Onshape Employees Posts: 5,518
edited February 2023 in New in Onshape
On behalf of everyone at PTC, I'd like to wish all our users everywhere a happy and prosperous New Year! The first release of the year is always exciting and this one is no exception. This is a real team effort - enjoy.



The view state of individual assembly instances can now be changed while editing in-context. 



When two surfaces overlap, they must first be trimmed to each other before they can be merged together. The new Mutual trim feature simplifies this workflow, performing all the necessary steps in one go.



Gusset plates can now be created between frame members to add more stiffness and strength.



The Hole feature now offers individual control over precision and tolerance for every available dimension, so you can drive this critical manufacturing information from the model and automatically update hole tables and callouts.



The measure dialog in a Part Studio now includes shortcut icons to create measured variables. This workflow makes it quicker when interrogating models and adding variables to track or measure a length, distance or other required value.




Images that have been inserted into Sketches are now visible when the Sketch is inserted into an Assembly.



When detailing product assembly or maintenance information, it is often necessary to show assemblies exploded in intermediate steps. With the new Duplicate option, you can now copy existing exploded views, removing the need to reproduce previously created views.




Isometric hidden line views of External threads are now displayed correctly in drawings of both Parts and Assemblies.


For diameter and radius dimensions, dimension lines can now be shown inside the selected circle or arc by checking the new Show dimension line option in the Drawing properties panel.




A number of new functions have been added to process and filter maps and arrays: 
allallCombinationsanyaveragededuplicatefoldArraymapArrayIndicesmapValuemergeMaps(any, array, any)sum and zip.
You can find all the documentation here.



Publications now show thumbnails which can be automatically or manually assigned. Also, opening a linked Document from a Publication now defaults to the configuration selected in the Publication.




The advanced search on the Documents page now enables you to search by Category. Categories can be filtered by specifying an object Type or the Type can be filtered by specifying a Category. Multiple Categories can be searched at the same time.



New scenes and scenes where appearances have not been modified in Render Studio now use the Onshape material and/or appearance settings to map to an equivalent Render Studio appearance.




A new dashboard, accessed through the drill-down menu on a Publication, shows which revision or version of a Document tab is inserted into that Publication, along with Document permissions and other useful activity information.




The time taken to create hidden line drawing views of Assemblies containing lots of holes has been substantially reduced.


When Onshape detects lag on your internet connection, a new Poor connection indicator appears in the lower left corner of the graphics area to alert you that something may be wrong. Clicking on the alert takes you to a help page with common causes and possible solutions.



At Onshape, we understand the importance of simulating performance as part of the product development process and how important it is for students to gain valuable experience in using these tools. To this end, we are proud to announce the availability of our unique assembly Simulation tools to all students who are members of an Onshape Education Enterprise.


Educators can now access Class, Assignment and Member dashboards through the info panel on the right side of the Documents page. This makes it easier for educators to get detailed information and track the progress of the students in their classes. 




In Onshape for Android based devices, Replicate will now pattern a part or subassembly onto matching geometry in the assembly and maintain that parametric relationship. In this example, the bolt stack connecting the two sides of the housing will parametrically update if the number of bolt holes changes.


In Onshape for Android based devices, there is a new option to override the Mass properties of a part and input a different value. This is helpful when using supplier parts that have been simplified and do not include enough detail to get accurate Mass properties.



Get started with Onshape Simulation with the new self-paced course, Introduction to Onshape Simulation. This course explores setting up assemblies for simulation studies, running the simulation, and analyzing the results. This course is available to Professional, Enterprise and Education Enterprise users.


We have been working hard to keep the Learning Center videos up to date, see the newest updates:

Please take a moment to try out these new features and improvements and leave your comments below. For a detailed list of all the changes in this update, please see the changelog.

Remember: The updates listed here are now live for all users when creating new Documents. Over the next few days, these features will also be available in Documents created before this update.

Senior Director, Technical Services, EMEAI


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    matthew_wilson165matthew_wilson165 Member, csevp Posts: 5 ✭✭
    Oh wow I was literally wishing for something like context instance visibility just yesterday!  This is going to make working in context so much easier.
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    S1monS1mon Member Posts: 2,552 PRO
    Mutual trim is one of those basic things I've wanted for years in Onshape. There have been some interesting work arounds and FeatureScripts floating around, but it's huge to finally have it as a native feature.

    Tons of other useful updates here. We're off to a great start to 2023.

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    emagdalenaC2iemagdalenaC2i Member, Developers, Channel partner Posts: 863 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Wow. So many news and improvements in this update!!

    Also, some of the ones that don't have a video seem really interesting to me.

    Excellent work
    Un saludo,

    Eduardo Magdalena                         C2i Change 2 improve                         ☑ ¿Por qué no organizamos una reunión online?  
                                                                         Partner de PTC - Onshape                                     Averigua a quién conocemos en común
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    Nick_HolzemNick_Holzem Member Posts: 74 PRO
    Nice update and sooner than expected!  My favorites:
    1. Context instance visibility - will be great for our internal cable routing
    2. Mutual trim - will be removing this staple from our enterprise custom fs list tomorrow
    3. Measured variable shortcut - diggin this clever shortcut looking forward to this workflow
    4. Render studio mapping materials and appearances - this will save loads of time 
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    yiqing_zhangyiqing_zhang Member Posts: 1
    Good job ! Looking forward to better function updates !
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    eric_pestyeric_pesty Member Posts: 1,632 PRO
    edited January 2023
    Oooh! Lots to like in this one! I will really use a lot of these.
    - Context visibility is going to be huge! Could have used that today...
    - Same with duplicating exploded views... I could have used this over the last couple of weeks but that will come in handy! When do we get a "final" option in the explode edit dialogue?
    - Render studio material mapping will really speed things up!
    - Sketch pictures in assembly, I'm hoping are we going to able to use this as "workaround" for displaying a label! Just tried it and unfortunately not really helpful: image is always "translucent" so looks washed out, it also shows through geometry (including from the back), and you can't hide the construction lines around it... Still can be useful but not for the purpose I was hoping to use it for...

    The most intriguing is the hole feature tolerances... It's going to be a bit weird to have to set that in the 3D model when the rest of the tolerances are only in the drawing space. I'm hoping this is the start of "MBD" and we are going to be able to start adding tolerances in other places in the 3D model and ultimately get tolerance analysis out of it!
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    Hans_Leirvik_1Hans_Leirvik_1 Member Posts: 38 PRO
    I have only one thing to say : WOW  :)
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    sebastian_glanznersebastian_glanzner Member, Developers Posts: 412 PRO
    edited January 2023
    The first update is very impressive! There are so many improvements, it's hard to choose a favorite.
    Looks like the Onshape team went all-in on their New Year's resolution to be ahead of the game in 2023 :smiley:

    I am thrilled that our Onshape Padawans now have the ability to run simulations!
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    roman_jurt190roman_jurt190 Member Posts: 32 EDU
    Super cool! Mutual Trim! Yess! And thank's for EDU Enterprise SIM!
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    jelte_steur814jelte_steur814 Member Posts: 109 PRO
    Wow; great work.
    In the holes tolerances: will ISO 286-2 tolerances also be added?
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    MisaelMisael Member Posts: 10 PRO
    Excellent work! context visibility is a very welcome feature to start using right away!! 
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    Alex_PittAlex_Pitt Member Posts: 61 PRO
    Lots of great updates! Now render appearances are mapped, I might start assigning materials to my parts:) Very glad to see the speed-up for hidden line views in drawings. That had been really dogging me. Thanks Onshape team!
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    aaron_georgiaaron_georgi Member Posts: 2 EDU
    Some great updates there!
    Just one thing: Would it be possible to add the measured variables to Assemblies as well? Or alternativelly create the option to insert them into other tabs? I could use this to write a measured variable into the configuration of a part to automatically adjust the parts measurements when making changes within the greater assembly.
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    marcell_mágorimarcell_mágori Member Posts: 2 EDU
    lovin' measured variables! thank you guys so much!
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    xTimRicexTimRice Member Posts: 60 PRO
    HUGE update for the new year!! I love the measured variable shortcuts. It will take some time for my small brain to utilize the new FS functions but I am excited about those too.
    Handcrafted furniture in Boston
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    john_mcclaryjohn_mcclary Member, Developers Posts: 3,924 PRO
    Wow, some really great stuff here. Way to start off 2023 Onshape Team!

    I'm so happy for hiding/showing in-context parts, tolerance in hole feature.
    And especially creating measured variables right from the measure dialogue. Genius
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    shawn_crockershawn_crocker Member, OS Professional Posts: 837 PRO
    Yes.  duplicate exploded views!  Automatic appearance mapping!  Variables straight from the measuring tool!  Proper opening of items from a publication!!
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    STEGSTEG Member, User Group Leader Posts: 82 PRO
    Ça commence bien la nouvelle année!  :)
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    billy2billy2 Member, OS Professional, Mentor, Developers, User Group Leader Posts: 2,041 PRO
    edited January 2023
    Incontext view manipulation is really nice, Thanks. Hopefully you've removed the primary instance requirement which drives me nuts.

    Another huge improvement is images in assemblies, this is a huge improvement.

    Just checked and it's gone, say goodbye to primary instance!!!

    Double checked looking for update all context hotkey:

    Not yet, maybe soon.

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    don_williams909don_williams909 Member Posts: 141 PRO
    edited January 2023
    "Poor Connection Indicator" - Yeah, that sucker will be on all the time with our terrible internet connection...
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    ian_d_gardinerian_d_gardiner Member, User Group Leader Posts: 35 PRO
    Awesome. Great job Onshape team. Some super improvements here
    I'm really impressed by the bold choice to offer simulation to students. This is a huge benefit to the kids; it is extraordinarily kind for Onshape to carry the processsing weight incurred by millions of students using Onshape
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    eric_pestyeric_pesty Member Posts: 1,632 PRO
    Awesome. Great job Onshape team. Some super improvements here
    I'm really impressed by the bold choice to offer simulation to students. This is a huge benefit to the kids; it is extraordinarily kind for Onshape to carry the processsing weight incurred by millions of students using Onshape
    It looks like it's only for "Education Enterprise" (as opposed to regular "Education")... I don't know exactly how it works but I'm guessing the "school" has to pay for this and that must be how they recover at least a significant portion of the processing expenses.
    Seems like a good long term investment regardless and sounds like a reasonable compromise even though you are still shutout if your school isn't willing/can't afford to pay for Enterprise!
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    emagdalenaC2iemagdalenaC2i Member, Developers, Channel partner Posts: 863 ✭✭✭✭✭
    En este enlace podéis ver las Novedades de Onshape en español:
    Un saludo,

    Eduardo Magdalena                         C2i Change 2 improve                         ☑ ¿Por qué no organizamos una reunión online?  
                                                                         Partner de PTC - Onshape                                     Averigua a quién conocemos en común
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