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Introducing Camel: CAM for OnShape, implemented in FeatureScript

jeff_brown304jeff_brown304 Member Posts: 23 ✭✭
Camel is a CAM application for OnShape, implemented in FeatureScript.

Use the Camel FeatureScript library to generate tool paths from a PartStudio to drive a 3-axis machine such as a CNC router. Use Camel’s companion app to download toolpaths or simply copy/paste them from the FeatureScript notices panel.

Refer to the included documentation for more details about what Camel can do how to use it.


  • Define tool: Add a tool to the tool library, such as an endmill.

  • Import tool: Import a tool from another document.

  • Machine setup: Describe the work coordinate system for machining operations.

  • Profile: Make a toolpath that follows contours along edges or around faces.

  • Drill: Make a toolpath that plunges into the workpiece at one or more points.

  • Post process: Generate G-Code ‘.nc’ files from toolpaths in the Part Studio.

What Camel looks like:

Why Camel?

I start writing Camel earlier this year before I had read about CAM coming to OnShape for real following PTC's acquisition of CloudMilling.  I needed CAM software to generate tool paths for my new CNC router and I thought it would be fun to try to get OnShape to do it all for me without ever having to leave the comfort of my Part Studio.  So I created Camel as a fun hobby project and I'm releasing it open source under the MIT license in the hopes that others may have fun with it as well.  If you have suggestions or would like to contribute some code, please let me know.



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