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How to navigate within a drawing.

michael_mcewenmichael_mcewen OS Professional Posts: 77 PRO
I'm new to Onshape, but also new to CAD, altogether.  I have a few questions about Drawings.  Generally, it seems like the functionality of the Drawings work space isn't as robust as that of the Part Studio work space:

1. Is there a tutorial that defines the different templates (ANSI, ISO, etc)?  I have no idea which one to use or why to use one over               another.
2. Once a template is selected, and after starting on a drawing, is there a way to: 
    a. See which template you're actually in (doesn't show up in properties)?
    b. Change to a different template?
    c. Convert from one unit of measure to another (mm to inches)?
3. If I import a fully dimensioned sketch from a Part Studio, why must I re-dimension the shape all over again?  Is there no way to               display the same dimensions that I created within the sketch plane in Part Studio? 
4. I'm using a laptop and no mouse (any recommendations on a good 3 button?), but I have had no trouble navigating within the sketch planes in Part Studios.  But, in Drawings, the Shift / Arrow keys will not move my part.  All I can do is zoom in and out, but no way to center the part within the screen.

Thanks for any advice.

Best Answer


  • michael_mcewenmichael_mcewen OS Professional Posts: 77 PRO
    In question 4, I guess "panning" is the function that is missing . . .
  • michael_mcewenmichael_mcewen OS Professional Posts: 77 PRO
    Thank you Narayan, this is very useful.  I appreciate your help!
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