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When using Circular Pattern using Feature Pattern cannot hide used Sketch

Firstly, using Onshape for the first time and ABSOLUTELY LOVING IT. It is SO easy! I'm a 3D printing enthusiast and have struggled with Sketchup for years. Wish I had of discovered Onshape a long time ago!!!

Minor irritation that I cannot solve myself, just looking for some advice.

I have Circular Pattern using Features that I have replicated around a curved surface. When creating the original feature on the curved surface I had to create a sketch with a single construction line that is used as the pivot for a face move. Now when I implement the Circular Pattern using the Features for the Face Move around the Pivot line sketch, the Pivot sketch is replicated around the part and cannot be hidden. I can hide the original Pivot line sketch fine, but when I do, I would have expected the replicated sketches to also be hidden. I can't work out how to hide the replicated sketches. Any suggestions?

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  • mark_sullivanmark_sullivan Member Posts: 2
    Hi Neil

    Thanks for the info.

    No I haven't assembled the part, this is just in part studio. Its good to know that in assembly the issue will not be evident.

    Yes I have to pattern with the sketch when using the Feature method, if I don't it doesn't work as intended

    I just changed the pattern to the Face method and you are correct that that it works as expected, and without the need to select the sketch.

    Thanks for the suggestions.
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