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TRUSS design, boolean issue

michael_stallsmichael_stalls Member Posts: 46 PRO
edited April 2016 in Community Support
Hi all,
here are some images of a truss for the fuselage of an aerobatic aircraft i have been working on.

Making this truss has been somewhat tedious but i got there in the end. i made it by creating a box that represents the four outer longerons and the sketching side profiles on the faces of the box. i then swept the tube profiles along these side profiles. i made them mostly as seperate sweeps and then joined the using boolean union. When i tried to add yellow and blue tubes to the rest of the truss it comes back with an error "cant produce a valid part'' why would this be?

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  • michael_stallsmichael_stalls Member Posts: 46 PRO
    Cheers thanks. Thinking about it, it's not really a huge issue. It should still come out alright for the drawing and i only need the coordinates for the intersections to make the FEA model. Would there be any CAM applications that would help fabricate a truss like this?

    All the tubes are hollow and when i use translucent the intersections are pretty complicated...i figured it might be something to with this. Ill try making them solid next time i make a truss
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