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How to export an STL having a single mesh volume

neobobkrauseneobobkrause Member Posts: 102 EDU
I've developed a simple design consisting of 7 parts. When I export an STL,without selecting the 'Export parts as individual files' option, the resulting STL file contains multiple separate volumes. This confuses my slicing software (Simplify3D) because several of these closed volumes occupy the same space. This results in the CAM software generating an incorrect gcode file. I've spoken to S3D support, they say that the STL is being generated incorrectly.

I've gone so far as to add a Union Boolean operation to my parts studio just for the purpose of joining the parts together to create a single part, which I then export. But, wait for it... The resulting STL file still contains the same multiple volumes.

I've also tried inserting all the parts into an assembly, then grouping the inserted parts, which I then export. Same results.

Can anybody suggest the correct incantation?


- Bob


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