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Sweep help (Rubber Band modeling)

chris_krasnichukchris_krasnichuk Member Posts: 2
So I'm trying to model a tubular rubber band in Onshape by using the sweep command. But it's resulting in something really funky and I'm not sure how to solve the issue. The band is going around some spindles of different size. In the picture I've attached I think the problem and what I'm trying to achieve are fairly clear.

Anybody have some solutions to this behaviour?


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    robert_morrisrobert_morris OS Professional, Developers Posts: 167 PRO
    This is caused because your profile is placed in the middle of the curve. You need to have the profile at the start of a curve for the sweep to work correctly.

    To fix it, create the profile like this:
    1. Create a new plane using the "Curve Point" option then click one of the curve segments in your sketch and its endpoint.
    2. Draw your profile sketch on the new plane.
    3. Create the sweep.

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    chris_krasnichukchris_krasnichuk Member Posts: 2
    Perfect, works! thank you so much :)
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