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  • bert_drakebert_drake Member Posts: 3
    I agree.  I wish you could lock the vertical using a shift key or something, at least.
  • billy_araujobilly_araujo Member Posts: 1
    1. Midsurface/mid-plane extraction.

  • jared_fitzclarencejared_fitzclarence Member Posts: 9 PRO
    1) be able to label all rows and columns in a configuration table
    2) use a value in a configuration table as a variable in another dimension. E.g. when defining a square tube you have two dimensions, the size & thickness and the corner radius is known to be 2.5x the thickness but you cant use this value in the configuration table to drive the equation in the sketch
    3) Trim to construction line. Sometimes in a complex sketch, it helps to clarify things to trim out unnecessary sketch elements and it certainly then makes it easier later to extrude etc if you don't have to click on dozens of parts of your sketch however you don't always want to completely remove the feature. Solidworks has a number of options when trimming and one i use all of the time but really miss in onshape is to trim to construction geometry.
    4) Give the ability to create sheet metal along a centre line not one side or the other only and also give the ability to individually change line sides. So often when designing sheet metal parts you have to subtract the thickness when defining a dimension and if you then go and change the thickness you have to go back and change your sketch.
    5) Integrate with BySoft & TruTops etc. for transfer of sheetmetal parts with K-Factor, Bend radius, angle etc. Not just a dumb dxf
    6) Improve speed in Australia, OnShape is sooooooo slow with big parts studios in Aus
    7) Bulk Export to dxf's: Show a view i.e. top view and export all to dxf. or select multiple part faces and export all at once. 
    8) Identify and link identical parts in the part studio of then naming and bom etc in drawings
    9) allow each corner or bend in a sheet metal model to be uniquely defined. E.g change relief detail in 1 corner only

  • deadsealabsdeadsealabs Member Posts: 1
    When I am working on a sketch and using a mesh as a reference, I wish I do not have to 1) project the vertices from the mesh into my sketch first then 2) use the projected points in my sketch. Why can't I do it in a single step? I know it might not should like much, but man, this doubles the amount of work, especially when dealing with complex meshes. I must first project a whole bunch of vertices and then connect them in my sketch. It is so tedious in some cases, we opted to use an external tool to convert the STL files into BREP files and bring then into OS as solids.
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