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How to build a Lego model in onshape?

LeeBeeLeeBee Member Posts: 7
edited January 2017 in Community Support
Hello everyone.

I've been drawing lego models in solidworks for the last few years but a change of job means I no longer have software access. I've got about 130 ish parts that I imported to onshape last night & started a separate assembly as I would in sw. As I understand it this isn't the way it's done in onshape - can anyone point me towards some info on how I should be working? 
Also, will this mean that what I've done so far is of no use as they are all individual parts?

Thanks in advance,

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    LeeBeeLeeBee Member Posts: 7
    Thanks for the pointers 3dcad.

    I'm probably about halfway ish through drawing the parts but I did a little of the assembly last night. Can I make the parts come up with their name on the left? (feature tree) They are all called part 1 with no way that I can see to rename. Also I've had to fix each part in place after mating as sometimes the one I want to move would stay still & the part mated to the assy would spin instead but this then makes my mates go red - is this ok?


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    bradley_saulnbradley_sauln Moderator, Onshape Employees, Developers Posts: 373
    You will fix your base part and then any additional parts that you fasten to it will be fixed in place as well. If you fix and mate a part you will get the mate error (a message should appear when you hover over the red name).

    To change the part name you can jump back to the document where the standard lego pieces are located and change their names there. Since they are linked you will have to set a new version and then update them in the assembly (the link icons will turn blue) https://www.onshape.com/cad-blog/tech-tip-how-to-use-linked-documents
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    brucebartlettbrucebartlett Member, OS Professional, Mentor, User Group Leader Posts: 2,137 PRO
    Hi Lee, looks like your getting the hang of the mates in Onshape, takes a bit of learning but once you get it, there is no turning back.

    It's a bit of a pain that your import loss it's part names, I think this happens when you bring them in as native SW's files. If you can get access to SW's and can export as a Step or Parasolid file you will get the parts named as your original file names. The best way if possible would be to get all your bricks in one SolidWorks assembly, export as a step file, then import that into Onshape with a flatten to part studio option. 

    Have you seen the FeatureScript for bricks?  Check it out, https://cad.onshape.com/documents/573b8871e4b0fddafb4e953e/w/3482dc4c7b56051dbbecde32/e/4316c2d6c038321bc03b0975
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    LeeBeeLeeBee Member Posts: 7
    Thanks for the replies folks. Not fixing the first part in the assembly was a bit of a schoolboy error - I should have figured that one out!

    I'd found the place to rename each part - I had assumed the part name would come from the main name but this way actually makes sense. 

    Changing the version is where I've been going wrong with changes propagating through to the assembly. I've been changing parts/names/colours but keeping the version at V1 so had no blue links. It's starting to make sense now though!

    The FeatureScript is very clever. I like the challenge of trying to model my own bricks without too many unnecessary steps but if time was an issue I could see myself using something like this. The script side of it looks devilishly complicated though!!

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