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Holes Wizard request

martin_santiago_scunciamartin_santiago_scuncia Member Posts: 1
edited April 2017 in Community Support
Hello everyone! I'm a new OnShape user. Im very excited with this innovative project!
Trying it with some designs, I note that no hole wizard have been developed. The lack of any automated tool for threaded/countersunk/counterbore standardized holes is a big obstacle to OneShape becoming my primary CAD soft.
I hope this feature will be incorporated soon!


  • owen_sparksowen_sparks Member, Developers Posts: 2,660 PRO
    Erm, have you tried the hole feature ;)

    Typing "hole" into the help yields this...

    You'll see it does ANSI and Metric versions of what you're looking for.

    Cheers, Owen S.
    Business Systems and Configuration Controller
    HWM-Water Ltd
  • bradley_saulnbradley_sauln Moderator, Onshape Employees, Developers Posts: 328
    To add more detail to Owen's answer, Onshape's hole feature is located almost directly in the middle of the toolbar and fulfills exactly what you are looking for.

    We are a different CAD system from where you are coming from and thus have tools, features, and workflows that are not exactly the same. With a little time to explore the product, you will discover what you are looking for :)

    Engineer | Adventurer | Tinkerer
    Twitter: @bradleysauln

  • michael3424michael3424 Member Posts: 506 ✭✭✭
    Can you comment on why the hole-making process requires 2 different tools - first placing point for the holes with one tool and then placing the holes with a second tool?  It's not a real complaint, more of a question of whether or not I'm missing a benefit to making holes this way.

  • Henk_de_VlaamHenk_de_Vlaam Member, Developers Posts: 180 ✭✭✭
    edited October 2017
  • michael3424michael3424 Member Posts: 506 ✭✭✭
    @H_d_V  Thanks for the link - just voted it up.
  • david_ralindavid_ralin Member Posts: 1
    Any chance of adding 1-32 UN 2A (external) and 2B (internal) aka "optical C Mount" threads or does Onshape believe thread pitches finer than 20 don't exist at that diameter? 

    Also having trouble placing starting points on an inner diameter that was built from planar sketch extrusion, trying to generate a helix and a triangular cut path from scratch, but that's probably just newbiness. 
  • NeilCookeNeilCooke Moderator, Onshape Employees Posts: 3,112
    @david_ralin - sounds like those threads are for a specific purpose/industry rather than standard threads? Please create an improvement request in the category on the right. 

    Sounds like you are trying to create an internal thread? Create the helix, then create a plane using "curve point" then sketch on that. Note that, unless you are 3D printing, there is no need to model threads.
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