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Imported File as a Part in a Part Studio ?

ethan_roschethan_rosch Member Posts: 5
I've seen a few threads - but want to make sure I am doing this in the most logical manner in the current set of OnShape tools.

I am trying to work a stock power supply into a housing.
  1. Import the Power Supply CAD into OnShape so that it shows as a "Document Tab"
  2. Bring the Power Supply into the working Part Studio as a "Derived" Object
  3. Us a series of "Mate Connectors" and "Tranforms by Mate Connectger" to start getting the Derived part into the correct location
  4. Use more transforms as needed to move it around
  5. Create my features as needed to align with the Power Supply
Now - while this is pretty good for now ... what I find is that my Derived Part is now attached as a feature in the Part I am actually trying to create.

I'm wondering if a better workflow would be ...
  1. Create an assembly with the Power Supply Part and the HousingPart
  2. Use mates / transforms as needed to get the Power Supply into the "Correct" Position
  3. Select my Housing Part and use "Edit in Context" to get the geometry I need for my housing?
Thank you

Best Answer


  • NeilCookeNeilCooke Moderator, Onshape Employees Posts: 3,184
    I would use the second approach. Then you only need to reference the faces you need and performance will be much better. 
  • ethan_roschethan_rosch Member Posts: 5
    I think so.  
    The learning is that nothing should be placed "Just because it looks good".  Everything needs to be placed "Exactly the way you want it to be".  Thus the mate-to-mate connections as opposed to simple moves / rotates :)

    Thank you
  • ethan_roschethan_rosch Member Posts: 5
    Just doing a bit more research and found this tutorial video

    In it it says that you can use imported parts in your Part Studio "just like you do in an assembly"

    This is what I am trying to figure out how to do.
    How do I import a part into an existing Parts Studio ?

    Thank you
  • ethan_roschethan_rosch Member Posts: 5
    Gotcha - so If I'm only Referencing a part - do it via an assembly.
    If I'm doing it as an actual piece - then I can Derive.

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