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Introducing the New Onshape Learning Center

noanoa Posts: 110Onshape Employees, Developers
edited May 24 in General

Hello everyone, I’m pleased to announce the launch of our new learning portal – the Onshape Learning Center –  the quickest and most efficient way of transitioning to full-cloud CAD.

This portal is made up of self-paced courses with videos, practice exercises, and self-check quizzes. The content is geared directly towards those coming from a parametric 3D CAD background and who want to learn how to maximize their use of Onshape as quickly as possible. It assumes a strong knowledge of traditional CAD concepts so that we can focus on what is unique about Onshape and how to best use it.

The Learning Center’s premium content is included with all annual subscriptions to Onshape Professional. Free Onshape account users can access our Quick Start Guide. As with all Onshape updates, both Free and Professional users will continue to see improvements and new content. For a deeper look at the offerings and benefits of our new Learning Center, please see today’s blog post.

We’re excited to bring you this new, flexible method of learning, but it’s just the beginning. Please continue to voice your needs, feedback, criticisms and thanks as we build upon this new learning platform.

If you are already an annual Professional customer, you can go to your training dashboard where your courses are waiting and ready. If you’re enjoying a Free Onshape account, please visit the Learning Center to see our free offerings or contact us to upgrade to Onshape Professional.


All the best,

-Noa Flaherty

Onshape Customer Success

Noa Flaherty / Customer Success / Onshape Inc.


  • brian_bradybrian_brady Posts: 186Member, Developers EDU
    @noa, what about Educational users? What type of access do they get?

  • noanoa Posts: 110Onshape Employees, Developers

    For this initial launch, the content is only available to our annual professional customers. It's still very early days for the Learning Center – We certainly see the value in providing learning content to our education users and plan on opening this up a bit more down the road. We do have a number of resources available to our educators today including our Quick Start GuideIntro to CAD, and College Curriculum.

    Noa Flaherty / Customer Success / Onshape Inc.
  • chris_winters404chris_winters404 Posts: 25Member PRO
    This series is a great tool! It reinforces the user interface and showcases real world applications and the fundamental strengths of Onshape. I highly recommend all levels of professional users to go through all of the modules. You will notice the increased productivity and new avenues of applying Onshape to your engineering/manufacturing processes.
    Great job Noa and the rest of Onshape,
    Chris Winters
  • colemancoleman Posts: 222OS Professional PRO
    OK so how do I enroll in the courses?  I see the message that says this course is included with your annual subscription...but there is no enroll button, just a contact us button.   
  • noanoa Posts: 110Onshape Employees, Developers
    Hi @coleman, you should be all set now.

    If you're an annual professional customer and your training dashboard is empty, please contact us – this shouldn't be the case.
    Noa Flaherty / Customer Success / Onshape Inc.
  • brian_jordanbrian_jordan Posts: 51Member, Developers PRO
    edited May 31
    noa said:
    Hi @coleman, you should be all set now.

    If you're an annual professional customer and your training dashboard is empty, please contact us – this shouldn't be the case.
    I continue to have the problem described by @coleman. Please confirm exactly where I should contact Onshape; is this a technical issue or a sales issue? Or am I just failing to understand something? My Training Dashboard show 15 courses available with 1 (the free quick start guide) completed and no way, as far as I can see for progressing to any other courses.
    [EDIT 1] I also notice that I have "Developers" against my name, a mistake surely? [EDIT 2] That has now disappeared but so has "Member". Is there some confusion over my status and is this why I can's access the training material?
  • noanoa Posts: 110Onshape Employees, Developers
    Hi @brian_jordan I took a look and believe I fixed it. If you continue to experience trouble, please submit a support ticket including a screenshot of what you see and we'll get you all sorted out.
    Noa Flaherty / Customer Success / Onshape Inc.
  • brian_jordanbrian_jordan Posts: 51Member, Developers PRO
    Thank you @noa. Everything is now working.
  • terry_pipkinterry_pipkin Posts: 20Member PRO
    Excellent courses for learning. I have completed the first 8 or 9 courses and have enjoyed the experience. Hope to finish the rest soon.
  • walterwalter Posts: 34Member EDU
    can 1 pay for just the courses , if not annual professional customer . would like to learn before i upgrade.
  • 3dcad3dcad Posts: 1,908Member, OS Professional, Mentor PRO
    Paying a single month fee of Pro would be probably the cheapest course in the industry that also includes full license of the software.

    I like the way how this learning course wraps all together, I'm almost finished but I have to admit I didn't have time to proceed with the example data. I'd hope more quiz to refresh advanced users.
  • terry_pipkinterry_pipkin Posts: 20Member PRO
    I have completed the courses and received both badges but my thirst for knowledge still exists so will there be future courses? 
  • wileywiley Posts: 16OS Professional PRO
    Is the premium content not available for monthly professional subscriptions?
  • noanoa Posts: 110Onshape Employees, Developers
    @terry_pipkin we are working on it! As with most things Onshape, I cannot speak to a timeline for when new content will become available.

    @wiley that is correct.
    Noa Flaherty / Customer Success / Onshape Inc.
  • fastwayjimfastwayjim Posts: 200Member, OS Professional, Mentor PRO
    Looks awesome @noa! Congrats!
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