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Improvements to Onshape Mobile (iOS) - April 27, 2015

lougallolougallo Member, Moderator, Onshape Employees, Developers Posts: 2,003
edited April 2015 in Onshape Mobile
Another update for iOS is live on the Apple App Store and this release is focused on bringing parity to mobile with the last couple updates to the web client. Assembly relations, expressions and the split sketch entity tool are all now in the iOS version of Onshape.
Highlights include:
  1. Assembly gear relations (Gear, Rack & pinion, Linear and Screw)

  2. Expression support (with error detection in input field)

  3. Split sketch entity tool

Honorable mentions:
  1. Minor graphics tweaks for improved load times
  2. Graphic adjustments of manipulators

    New: (Larger touch targets)                                              Previous: (

  3. Mate connector graphics have been resized for easier selection
Give them a try and let us know what you think.  We are working hard to get all these new features into mobile to match the features you have in the web client.  Remember, most of the time you can edit existing features from mobile even before they make it onto the platform.  ~Lou
Lou Gallo / PD/UX - Support - Community / Onshape, Inc.


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    3dcad3dcad Member, OS Professional, Mentor Posts: 2,470 PRO
    I had problems with editing extrude depth, I got error that I should 'input a number between 0.001 and 250 for depth'. When creating new extrude, there was no such limits.

    This time I didn't succeed with Ipad modeling. Within 2 hours car trip, I was able to find a bug in editing extrude depth and was able to create 5 lines sketch and 1 extrude. It was very slow, but can't be sure if it was the mobile network or the software.
    I had hard time to even select a line in sketch, didn't see the rolling thing in bottom-right corner that usually appears with connection problems.

    What is complex in 'Onshape eyes'? My model was only 16 parts studio with rectangle geometry in it..

    Enhancement idea, I would like to lock movement only to zoom&span when selecting 'View normal to sketch plane' in sketch mode.
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    john_mceleneyjohn_mceleney Onshape Employees Posts: 57

    Did you file a bug report? We expect you should be able to do real modeling with mobile devices. As you use it some more, please let us know what you think. 

    I know that Dries (@dries) has done a lot of mobile modeling, perhaps he has some commentary?

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    3dcad3dcad Member, OS Professional, Mentor Posts: 2,470 PRO
    @John_McEleney  Yes, I did feedback on extrude editing (actually just finished, because I wanted to test things properly first and maybe hear if there is similar problems among other users) 

    I believe slowness was related to poor 3g connection, I had 3/5 bars but you never know.. All my earlier experiences with Ons on iPad have been great even though at least 4G is recommended connection.

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