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Multiple Users on less Onshape Subscriptions

mike_hölschermike_hölscher Member Posts: 68 PRO
edited June 2017 in Account and subscriptions
In our company we have 2 CAD workstations, and 4 or more users in the company that use CAD. The 2 workstations are enough for the 4 users to do their work. In some busy CAD weeks we wished we had another CAD workstation, and in less busy CAD weeks only one workstation is used. The fact is, for 95% of the time the 2 CAD workstations, so only 2 licenses, are enough. Switching of users of the workstation is done on a daily, and sometimes even hourly, basis.

Now, with Onshape, it is really preferable to have a personal Onshape account for adequate PDM tracking of who did what. But, in the case of our 4 users, 4 subscription are needed, while in 95% of the time, only 1 or 2 seats will be used simultaniously. I know I can manually add and remove accounts in My Account, under Users. But CAD users switch so often in our company that this is very time consuming and workflow breaking.

What I am asking for is a method of limiting the amount of simultaniously active accounts for a company, while allowing multiple Onshape account to be those accounts. 


  • 3dcad3dcad Member, OS Professional, Mentor Posts: 2,381 PRO
    edited June 2017
    I have similar case, I do cad at night and employee during daytime. It would be nice to have separate accounts to see who made what change. We are not design house so cad is only one of many tools used daily - total usage probably around 50% of single license one-shift capacity.

    I too think Onshape needs some sort of total pricing for small companies where user count is not the measure for actual use.

    For example, company staff (percent of daily cad usage):
    - Owner (5%)
    - Product designer (90%)
    - Customer service (5%)
    - Production (10%)
    - Sales (5%)

    What is Onshape official policy on this? Do they need 5 licenses (which they can't justify) or is there any options?

    At some point, free version was perfect for those 5-10% users with ability to edit docs shared from pro account. More in here: https://forum.onshape.com/discussion/5412/cad-went-back-to-basement

    At first Onshape needs to build company wide labels, auto-share company owned docs, company settings, etc.. to make it worth having separate logins.
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