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transform derived parts based on part's edges in this part studio??

Lyle_WalshLyle_Walsh Member Posts: 46
I probably just don't understand how to use transform by line but I haven't been able to figure this out:

I generate shapes for boolean cutouts and extrude them in a second part studio then add them as derived.  But now, I want to line them up a certain distance from my part's edge.  It seems simple but Distance parameters only work on sketches.  I'd like to do something like that to align my parts before subtracting.

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  • Lyle_WalshLyle_Walsh Member Posts: 46
    here is the part I am making, I eyeballed it pretty well but I'd like to place the keyhole cutouts precisely:
  • NeilCookeNeilCooke Moderator, Onshape Employees Posts: 4,942
    To use transform by line, create a sketch and draw a diagonal line that represents the X & Y direction then use that line in the transform feature. You can also transform by XYZ or mate connector. Any reason you are doing it this way?
    Senior Director, Technical Services, EMEA 
  • Lyle_WalshLyle_Walsh Member Posts: 46
    well just trying to do the logical step which is to make them a set distance from an edge.  This just seems to me to be the logical way to align objects and is more in keeping with the general construction principals I see in Onshape.  By this I mean that the over arching principal seems to be geometry in relation to other objects.  XYZ offset implies a global xyz coordinate system which is missing from onshape.  As it is now, if you change an object's dimensions then the cutouts will not move and must be manually reset into a new position.
  • Jake_RosenfeldJake_Rosenfeld Moderator, Onshape Employees, Developers Posts: 1,646
    Answer ✓
    Have you tried "Transform by mate connector"?

    Jake Rosenfeld - Modeling Team
  • Lyle_WalshLyle_Walsh Member Posts: 46
    Answer ✓
    Yes that looks like what I am after, thanks

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