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Assemblies not rebuilding properly

joshua_foxworthjoshua_foxworth Member, Developers Posts: 19
OK, so I have a reproducible problem. I have built an assembly and there are no errors. Then, either the session expires and I have to reload the page or I leave and come back or whatever - something happens that causes the page to be reloaded. When this happens, the assembly which was previously working is now over defined and there are errors with the mates. 

I cannot see how the system is over defined and I cannot understand why it works until it is reloaded.


(DAS Truss)

P.S. I have asked earlier questions and gotten good feedback on how the better model the truss. I am asking about why the system loads differently than it was originally modeled and why the system is over defined, not about ways to remodel the system.

Best Answer


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    NeilCookeNeilCooke Moderator, Onshape Employees Posts: 5,386
    Works fine on a copy after reloading page (which is reloading the whole doc). Could it be something to do with your API? 
    Senior Director, Technical Services, EMEAI
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    joshua_foxworthjoshua_foxworth Member, Developers Posts: 19
    It works now because I have suppressed a couple of the mates. However, the bottom end of one of the struts is left unconnected to the bottom ring. It just looks connected because I moved it there.
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    joshua_foxworthjoshua_foxworth Member, Developers Posts: 19
    Wow. Can't believe that I missed that. Must have been something going on in the math that I missed. Appreciate it.
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    joshua_foxworthjoshua_foxworth Member, Developers Posts: 19
    Incidentally, the bolt problem ended up being the result of a rounding issue in onshape.
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