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Circular Pattern (Faces) keeps failing

ShepRCSShepRCS Member Posts: 9

I am in the process of building http://www.john-tom.com/ElmersEngines/11_Radial.pdf in OnShape.

For the CrankCase I thought I would Create all the features in one section and then pattern them round another two times.  Seems like circular pattern should be able to handle that!

However, in short, it fails...

I need to pattern the selected faces onto three faces at 120deg to each other

I can pattern just the big hole
just the 4 holes around the big hole

but if I select the big hole and the 4 holes or the intersecting holes on the front face then the pattern fails.

At the moment I've done two separate patterns which is ok (but not ideal) but have been unable to patter the intersecting holes.

Any thoughts on how to get this working? or am I down to creating the holes that won't pattern separately


Best Answer


  • ShepRCSShepRCS Member Posts: 9
    @LouGallo Thanks actually that helped me solve it myself.  I rolled the model back to before I made the front holes and patterned the offending hole there.  I then patterned the sketch for the front holes which gave me the same result.

    It would have been cleaner (less features) if I could have patterned all the holes in one operation but what I have will work!

    And yes one of the problems was not selecting the bottom of the hole although without the rollback it still wasn't working, Maybe a more helpful error than "check input" would be of use there.

    Thanks for the help.

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