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Help with a Model and the Shell command

john_gentilinjohn_gentilin Member Posts: 15
edited November 2017 in Community Support
With this model, I want to apply the shell command but I had the hardest time making it work. According to this post there was a mention about the smallest outside radius had to be bigger than the shell thickness. So I kept reducing the thickness till the shell command worked. 

My question is, can someone tell me where my radius are too small, most of my revolves have huge radius's, maybe it's an intersection of two revolves.  I would like to have a shell thickness of 2-3mm, and not .3. Here is a link to my model.

Thank you

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    john_gentilinjohn_gentilin Member Posts: 15
    I made a revision named "Shell Thickness" if I happen to move on to other parts. 
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    john_gentilinjohn_gentilin Member Posts: 15
    Andy, thank you for the quick response.  How did you produce that B&W curve plot ?   The back of the neck is not complete yet, I was just getting started with the shell to see how it would look then ran into problems. I still need to model the back of the head and make a real neck.

    Do you have any pointers to learn more about degenerate points/geometry ?  I think I understand your explanation, but need to do some more research.  I did notice that the "thicken" command was complaining about that point specifically but the error message just said it could not rebuild the geometry. 

    Thanks again
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