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Improvements to Onshape - February 13th, 2018



  • 3dcad3dcad Member, OS Professional, Mentor Posts: 2,468 PRO
    edited February 2018
    Great idea @brucebartlett

    At the moment it's like trying to build a car that won't let the motor run without driver in and seat belt fastened. I would like to switch the safety functions off until ready for test drive.

    It is good to keep things bullet proof but before release state it could allow some movement for the designer.   
  • larry_haweslarry_hawes Member Posts: 478 PRO
    edited February 2018
    I see we can now re-size configuration columns but not config names? 

    I just had to truncate names to fit within the 'name' column width and can't find a width adjustment slider? Am I missing something?

  • philip_thomasphilip_thomas Member, Moderator, Onshape Employees, Developers Posts: 1,381
    @larry_hawes - good point!
    We are still working on a bunch of usability tweaks for the UI and that is def on the list.
    In the meantime, know that when you select the config name from the dropdown at the top of the feature manager, the full name is displayed.
    Thank you :)
    Philip Thomas - Onshape
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