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Implementing Snell's Law in a sketch

mac_frolic077mac_frolic077 Member Posts: 2

I wonder if there is a way to define a constraint between lines that represent the law of refraction?

i.e. I have a line with a point that represents the border of two mediums (air and glass). I want to draw a line that represents a ray of light that hits the surface in a certain angle. and I want to draw a line that represents the ray refracted inside the medium.

something like this:


I also want to be able to extend it to see how the refraction of a prism would influence the path of a ray.

in terms of the above example (after the link) angle phi is a function of angle alpha and the refraction-index of the two materials.

so what I am looking for is a constraint that can be defined by a function.

I know there is featurescript, but I have no experience with it. if this scripting language can help me with this problem, I would be glad if somebody can point me in the right direction, i.e. a script that can do something similar.




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