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EULA - simplified

I'm an engineer, not an attorney. I realize the EULA was written to: satisfy the lawyers, protect everybody's interest, etc, etc. But I'm not about to go back to school to learn all the legal jargon just so I can understand all the wordiness of the EULA.
Could someone spend at least a dime on writing an abridged, common English (insert your language of choice for non-English speaking users) version that the majority of users would understand? and read in 2-5 minutes??? (Here's a big hint: would anybody talk to their friends in the same dialogue as used in the EULA?)


  • 3dcad3dcad Member, OS Professional, Mentor Posts: 2,377 PRO
    Basically it says Onshape has all the rights to do anything they like and there's nothing you can complain about. It is terrifying but seems to be standard with pretty much any piece of software.

    In perfect world they could write something else there but then someone would sue them with all they got because software froze for 10 sec during meeting.

    We just need to count on the fact that the only way for Onshape (or any company) to succeed in long run is to deliver rather than make promises. :+1:

  • john_mcclaryjohn_mcclary Member, Developers Posts: 1,712 PRO
    actually @3dcad  it's quite the opposite.

    It's a very customer friendly EULA the way I have read it (Skimmed thru the obvious of course).

    The EULA is very close to what Onshape salesman claim, you have access to your data, Onshape will not look at it unless you ask them nicely.
    you are in control of your IP. "UNTIL" you break other laws in which Onshape holds the responsibility to submit your activity to the government. (understandably)
    Basically YOU will be responsible for YOUR content being leaked or copied.

    Also they may use your activity (not content but user interface/experience/connection statistics/analytics) to assist in improvements and future updates without you're knowledge (example: nobody seems to be clicking on the "such and such" button, maybe we should remove it or make it better, Or everyone seems to disconnect at this time of the day on a Thursday, maybe we should scale up the network a bit.)

    Also a bunch of boiler plate jargon to keep you from stealing their source code (which they provide willingly)

    Just be smart, don't screw them or anyone else, and you're good.
    You may lose connection for maintenance once in a great (basically never) while, deal with it for a bit without bringing the hate to the forum :)

    Don't sue them for crap you did... yadda yadda, European Priavcy compliance update yadda yadda.
    You cant be younger than 13 in some countries (16 in others) (because they are monitoring your activity)

    You could pretty much sum it up in two words (Golden Rule)
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