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Mobile won't show dimensions

ValarMorghulisValarMorghulis Member Posts: 4 PRO
Hey everyone, I searched but didn't see anything on this topic.  I'm using the mobile OnShape on my iPad Pro.  But, one of the odd things is that I cannot manually define the dimensions.  When I double tap for the context menu, I press "show dimensions" then nothing happens.  The context menu disappears as expected, but no dimensions on anything show up.

Is there a step that I'm missing?



  • ValarMorghulisValarMorghulis Member Posts: 4 PRO
    Hey everyone, never mind.  Got it figured out.  I was missing the original portion of adding the dimension to the line/circle since it doesn't do that automatically on mobile.  Thanks!
  • carl_webbcarl_webb Member Posts: 1
    Same issue on ipad but still cant work out how to show/edit dimension.
  • rlegrand_Onshape_rlegrand_Onshape_ Member Posts: 2
    @carl_webb On an ipad, you can try the following steps:
    1. add the dimension(s) manually
    2. save the sketch
    3. select all or part of the sketch
    4. two-finger tap to show the context menu, and select "show dimensions"
    5. if you want to edit any dimension, just double-tap on it, and the number pad will appear, allowing you to change the number.
    Please let me know if that helps.
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