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Standard content and Openbom

The Part Numbers I am assigning to the screws etc do not show in BOM 
What am I doing wrong?

Best Answer


  • oleg_shilovitskyoleg_shilovitsky Member, Developers Posts: 129 PRO

    OpenBOM was partially fixed and can now count quantity and produce BOM for assemblies using Onshape standard content 

    However, PN and Desc from standard content is still not available (Onshape didn't release API yet to get it in our application). 

    The following video shows a workaround how to get them into Onshape drawing. 

    We hope standard content support will be fixed in the next production update after Onshape will release 1.75. Onshape promised to provide API in that version. 

    Best, Oleg
  • Markku_LMarkku_L Member Posts: 30 PRO
    edited January 2018
    Workaround is not working. I need a way to get the size information of bolts and nuts into the bom...

    EDIT: oh, now it works. Tried several times :-(
  • oleg_shilovitskyoleg_shilovitsky Member, Developers Posts: 129 PRO
    If you experience problem, please share document with the following Onshape account --> support @ openbom dot com. We will take a look on a possible problem. 
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