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Sketch toolbar doesn't show sketch tools

SRA_ENGSRA_ENG Member Posts: 4
On my (late 2011High Sierra, Safari) MacBook, when I start a new sketch the toolbar initially shows sketch tools as per the Training vid but when I click the Green check in the Select Sketch Plane box the toolbar reverts to modelling tools (extrusion etc).
Anyone else seeing this?
I'll try with Chrome browser next...

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    SRA_ENGSRA_ENG Member Posts: 4
    I think I just discovered that, thanks! So I have to keep the little dialog floating about all the time while sketching?
    Also I suspect I cannot do a single 3D master 'General Assembly sketch, e.g. to set out all the important reference points that all the subassemblies' parts need to align to (or avoid), like external mounting bolts, pipes, ventilation slots or casing?
    Can I do an XZ sketch then a YZ sketch with the XZ showing for alignment purposes?   
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    KatieHuffmanKatieHuffman Member, Onshape Employees, Developers Posts: 194
    You can do a 'master sketch' and bring that into an assembly- it just cannot be a '3D-sketch'. But you could do several 2D sketches and insert them into an assembly to reference when mating. Be sure to fix  those sketches in the assembly- as they can be moved/dragged in an assembly.
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