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Unable to link Conneting Rod with Piston and Crankshaft

noel_bergvallnoel_bergvall Member Posts: 3 EDU
Hi. I´m currently working on just some basic internals of a combustion engine however I´m unable to link the Conneting Rod from the Crankshaft to the Piston. The crankshaft rotates just fine and the Piston works as intended in the cylinder but when I connect the conneting rod to both no matter what mates I use I just can´t get it to work. For now i have reverted to just using revolutes for the crankshaft and rod, with a simple fastend mate for the piston since when i tried to fix it everything broke (nothing would move).
Any suggestion on how to fix it?
I don´t have alot of experience with Onshape so all suggestions might help

Here is the link for the document https://cad.onshape.com/documents/f84f734b8650d9069d781a55/w/d26fa991e68b39583278543c/e/85eee7f5f3321edc438eaab7

Best Answer


  • noel_bergvallnoel_bergvall Member Posts: 3 EDU
    It turns out that a cylindrical mate between the conrod and the piston is the right answer, also i had forgot to fix the crankshaft so that it wouldn´t move. Thanks you just spared me another 3 days filled with anger :smile:
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