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Announcing the Onshape Certification Program

KatieHuffmanKatieHuffman Member, Onshape Employees, Developers Posts: 194
edited October 2020 in General

Today, Onshape is pleased to announce the launch of a professional certification program for designers and engineers who use the Onshape platform.    

The Certified Onshape Professional exam is a first-of-its-kind Onshape program, providing designers and engineers with the opportunity to gain accreditation and document their proficiency in the Onshape platform. The 3 hour exam, consisting of both knowledge-based as well as practical modeling questions, is the first certification exam from Onshape and is intended for professional users. 

The test includes knowledge based questions that were developed based on the best practices taught in the courses and instructor-led curriculum found in the Onshape Learning Center, and generally known concepts by most professional users. The modeling section is focused on executing an array of fairly standard Onshape design tools, including part modeling, multi-part modeling, and assembly design.

Overall, the exam is designed for the moderate to advanced Onshape user.  Based on the feedback and experience of those who participated in the EVP of the exam, it has been assessed as a challenging but fair test of ability.

In addition to providing users with a sense of satisfaction as certified Onshape Professional, the test also provides employers with a uniform standard for skills-based assessment.  The certification lets successful designers and engineers highlight their expertise in Onshape with current and prospective employers on their resume and on their personal Linked-In page. 

As an organization, Onshape is excited to provide our growing community of professional designers and engineers the opportunity to become certified in the Onshape platform. We developed this test because we have had increasing interest from Onshape designers and engineers, and their employers, our customers, in a certification that recognizes users for their Onshape proficiency. 

The Certified Onshape Professional exam is a comprehensive exam intended for current professional users who have proficiency in the Onshape platform.  

Looking ahead, Onshape expects to continue to provide additional skills-based certification, including an exam specifically designed for the growing education and academic audience.

Get certified today! Learn more about the Certified Onshape Professional exam here!


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    Joe_SpartoJoe_Sparto Member Posts: 16 ✭✭
    Are there any plans on creating an Onshape Certification Professional Exam practice test?
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    NizzeNizze Member Posts: 6
    Will it only be possible to do the exam from an professional or enterprise account or is it accessible from student and free accounts?  
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    KatieHuffmanKatieHuffman Member, Onshape Employees, Developers Posts: 194
    The exam is possible to take for users of any type of Onshape subscription, including Free and Educational. The content on this particular exam is geared towards professionals and might be challenging for students- but stay tuned as we are working to offer an exam designed for students too!
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    will_fredinwill_fredin Member Posts: 7
    Would completing the Self-paced courses be enough to pass the certification test?
    Also, do you have a rough timeline it takes ti complete the self-paced courses?
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    john_mcclaryjohn_mcclary Member, Developers Posts: 3,923 PRO

    Completing the self paced courses will teach you most everything you need. But it really does do a good job of making sure you 'Know' Onshape well.

    I wouldn't rush into the test until you are very comfortable with most features of Onshape and 3D parametric CAD in general.

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    KatieHuffmanKatieHuffman Member, Onshape Employees, Developers Posts: 194


    John is right- the self-paced courses will get you most of the way there. We really tried to create an exam that would evaluate a users ability to know all the key aspects of Onshape in a professional capacity. I would't rush taking it either.

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    otaolafrotaolafr Member Posts: 113 EDU
    great announcement! I will wait impatiently to take the practice test when it goes out. I have been using Onshape for some years and at least I feel really confortable with the different tools excepting feature scripting and metal sheet as I haven't had the need to explore these tools in deep. but I am quite excited about the test! great opportunity :smile:  thanks a lot!
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    T_RathierT_Rathier Member Posts: 43 EDU
    Is there a reduced exam price for educational accounts? The budgets are pretty much non-existent this year.
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    Sam_EttingerSam_Ettinger Member Posts: 4
    Is there an ETA for when the practice tests will be available? 
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    KatieHuffmanKatieHuffman Member, Onshape Employees, Developers Posts: 194

    Practice tests for the Associate exam are available through SolidProfessor here

    Yes we do have reduced rates for purchasing the Associate exam in bulk for education- please reach out to AcademicSuccess@ptc.com to learn more.
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    socorro_riossocorro_rios Member Posts: 1
    I am a teacher with a free educational account.  Can I take the certification test?
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    sam_ettinger011sam_ettinger011 Member Posts: 5 PRO
    @KatieHuffman will there be a practice test for the professional exam?
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    KatieHuffmanKatieHuffman Member, Onshape Employees, Developers Posts: 194
    @socorro_rios yes you can take it! You can purchase an attempt directly in the Learning Center. We do have bulk purchasing and EDU discounts on the exam as well Please reach out to AcademicSuccess@ptc.com for more information on that.

    @sam_ettinger011 At the moment there are not plans yet to create a practice test for the Professional certification- but possibly in the future. We are working to fill out more courses in the Learning Center which can also help you prepare! Please take a look at the Onshape Fundamentals pathway and beyond to study!
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    beatrice_pollinibeatrice_pollini Member Posts: 2 EDU
    Does the exam take place online?
     I live in Italy and I would like to obtain the certification once I am familiar with the software
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    Julius_Saguinsin_81Julius_Saguinsin_81 Member Posts: 3 PRO
    I plan to take the professional exam, but I cannot see some pointers. What I see is for the Associate level sample test which I tried. Right now I cannot gauge the level of difficulty for the Professional type one. Can anyone share their experience? Thank you!
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    Rhett_RobinsonRhett_Robinson Member Posts: 96 PRO
    edited March 2023
    @Julius_Saguinsin_81 If you took the associate level exam and finished with plenty of time left (I'm talking completed it in around half the allotted time or less), I found that the Professional Certification builds off of it with more advanced parts and assemblies, but the biggest difference is it took me more time to complete. If you are comfortable with those things and can manage your time, you should be just fine. 
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