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Having bar slide within gap between two parts?

jeff_tillinghastjeff_tillinghast Member Posts: 2 EDU
Hi all-- Engineering/robotics teacher new to OnShape here. I'm trying to have my students work on some linkages while we're remote, and I'm stuck trying to create a slider channel. I have a bar that I want students to be able to slide vertically within the gap between two existing pieces (creating a crank and slider linkage). I can create a slider or pin slot mate to have it slide with an existing piece, but not in negative space. Is there an easy way to define the gap between two pieces such that I could put a mate there?

Link to document:



  • jeff_tillinghastjeff_tillinghast Member Posts: 2 EDU
    Never mind-- solved! I wasn't thinking about the slider moving along the Z-axis, therefore I needed to have my desired mate point be defined by one of the edges of the space, aligned along the desired axis of motion. All good and sliding as needed.
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