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Improvements to Onshape - March 8th, 2021

cody_armstrongcody_armstrong Moderator, Onshape Employees, Developers Posts: 212
edited March 2021 in New in Onshape
This month everyone is busy at Onshape gearing up for our FIRST EVER Onshape LIVE Conference on March 11th! Here is an overview of what you can expect during the conference. Our developers have also been busy;  this month we are releasing a number of highly requested features. Let’s take a look!



Company administrators can now create a template of their Bill of Materials customization that can be applied to future assemblies. BOM Templates are immediately available to everyone in your company and the default BOM Template can be set in your company settings.



You'll find a new Performance Advisor feature that helps you to better understand factors affecting performance in the Document.



You can now group Callouts with Notes, Bend Notes, Hole Tags and GD&T symbols.



Performance improvements have been made to adding annotations to drawings in Onshape. These changes improve interactivity when adding annotations to drawings with a large number of edges.



You can now change the Date Format for columns in a Revision Table.



You will now see a View-only toolbar when opening View-only Documents on Android devices. This toolbar makes a Document easier to navigate for those that are not experts.

Please take a moment to try out these new features and improvements and leave your comments below. For a detailed list of all the changes in this update, please see the changelog.

Remember: The updates listed here are now live for all users when creating new Documents and over the next few days these features will also be available in Documents created before the date of this update.


  • brucebartlettbrucebartlett Member, OS Professional, Mentor, User Group Leader Posts: 2,131 PRO
    BOM Templates! that will make life easier. 

    Also, I like the performance info and drawing updates. 
    Engineer ı Product Designer ı Onshape Consulting Partner
    Twitter: @onshapetricks  & @babart1977   
  • Evan_ReeseEvan_Reese Member Posts: 1,973 PRO
    BoM templates are going to be handy. I also like the step toward better performance understanding. Hopefully this leads to better understanding of what else is rebuilding besides the active tab and if/how that affects rebuild time too.
    Evan Reese / Principal and Industrial Designer with Ovyl
    Website: ovyl.io
  • gerhard_swanepoelgerhard_swanepoel Member Posts: 29 PRO
    Great improvements this round. Especially dimensioning with lots of edges. BOM Templates also useful and I like the grouping feature.
  • Hans_Ole_LeirvikHans_Ole_Leirvik Member, Simulation EVP Posts: 76 PRO
    Good stuff,
    but for dates in Revision table, I didn't see the European style with: Day.Month.Year (dd.mm.yy or dd.mm.yyyy )
    Maybe its there when I try it ....
  • Effendi_HEffendi_H Member Posts: 19 PRO
    Finally! BOM template come. Thanks developer team.
    Effendi H.
  • Alban_SemondAlban_Semond Member Posts: 1 PRO
    Good Job for BOM template.
    Thanks you
  • sebastian_glanznersebastian_glanzner Member, Developers, Simulation EVP Posts: 377 PRO
    BOM Templates! Thank you   :)
  • Josiah_HarthcockJosiah_Harthcock Member, Simulation EVP Posts: 51 PRO

    Thank you!
  • MichaelPascoeMichaelPascoe Member Posts: 1,468 PRO
    Thanks Onshape team!

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  • BMcGaffeyBMcGaffey Member Posts: 29 ✭✭
    Amazing update, BOM templates look great. 
  • bruce_williamsbruce_williams Member, Developers Posts: 842 PRO
    Great stuff!  Thanks Onshape team!
  • gkuhnsgkuhns Member Posts: 35 PRO
    Nice set up updates!
  • jack_anderson443jack_anderson443 Member Posts: 1
    very nice update guys! this will certainly help in the near future! :)
  • fnxffnxf Member, User Group Leader Posts: 117 PRO
    Awesome set of updates- don’t even know what I should highlight! Thank you!
  • ian_d_gardinerian_d_gardiner Member, User Group Leader Posts: 35 PRO
    Drawing speed noticeably better. BOM templates...super. Thanks!
  • david_mcmahondavid_mcmahon Member Posts: 33 ✭✭✭
    Can users of all Onshape versions (inlcuding the free plan) create BOM templates?
  • kevin_elliottkevin_elliott Member Posts: 7 PRO
    Nice update! Any chance the date format default can be changed to the user preference?
  • david_mcmahondavid_mcmahon Member Posts: 33 ✭✭✭
    Unless I am missing something, the new BOM templates feature does not appear to be available in the Onshape free version. Is that correct?
  • danny_paynedanny_payne Member, User Group Leader Posts: 30 PRO
    Great improvements. Please keep up the great work on the drawings. 
  • PeteYodisPeteYodis Moderator, Onshape Employees Posts: 501
    Unless I am missing something, the new BOM templates feature does not appear to be available in the Onshape free version. Is that correct?
    @david_mcmahon Correct.  BOM templates are created/managed/consumed as company level controls, so available in the Professional and Enterprise plans.  
  • Mazie_HouchensMazie_Houchens Member Posts: 36 ✭✭
    Nice! Excited for the BOM Templates and Performance Advisor 
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