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A simple concept to animate multi mates at once

olaf_huber644olaf_huber644 Member Posts: 10 PRO
I am playing around a bit with the assembly capabilities of Onshape to model/animate assembly motion.
Currently the animation option is restricted to one mate at a time.
But often in reality you have machines with several mechanisms working simultaneously together in a cyclic manner (either mechnically or electronically coupled).
And you want to animate these together and not only one at a time.

Assuming that the different motions follow a 360° cycle ("Königswelle" in German, I believe the term is master cam in English) the "Relations" offer an easy way to accomplish this.
I built up a test assembly with
  • one slider mate
  • one revolute mate
 and related those to a "master wheel" (revolute) by means of rack/pinion and gear.
I guess you can easily apply this concept to a literally larger number of mates.

I try to share this document by a link (first time), I am happy to hear your feedback.


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