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What are your suggestions for the best input-device (the mouse.)

robert_melascagliarobert_melascaglia Member Posts: 36

Looking at various articles such as the one below; however, you all have the answers already.  So what are the right-choices for my next mouse purchase for the Onshape environment.




  • mlaflecheCADmlaflecheCAD Onshape Employees, Developers Posts: 47
    edited September 13
    I use my macbook trackpad and I also happen to use the Logitech MX Master:  Fits nicely and has programmable buttons.  Here is a public sample model in Onshape courtesy of Vincent Haley (https://www.onshape.com/cad-blog/how-does-onshape-handle-advanced-surface-modeling) as a bonus https://cad.onshape.com/documents/62a2b8ccb6f3e7efa83b1d8f/w/246c1dc73ec601479f8117d3/e/f5edde1deac4b2672b270477#_ga=2.104021440.1339474949.1568032752-2026751144.1565010278
    Mike LaFleche   @mlaflecheCAD
  • adrian_vlzkzadrian_vlzkz Member Posts: 132 PRO
    edited September 13
    I've had an MX Master for a few years now, definitely recommend it

    Image result for mx master
    Adrian V.
    Sr. CAD Engineer
  • bradley_saulnbradley_sauln Moderator, Onshape Employees, Developers Posts: 271
    edited September 13
    Logitech MX Master hands down. Their controller app is great for setting up program-specific macros for each of the 6 or so buttons. And it's a rechargeable battery.

    Engineer | Adventurer | Tinkerer
    Twitter: @bradleysauln

  • philip_thomasphilip_thomas Member, Moderator, Onshape Employees, Developers Posts: 1,331
    I am laughing - here is another employee endorsing the MX (we can use anything we want and three technical users all chose the same mouse) :)
    Philip Thomas - Onshape
  • john_mcclaryjohn_mcclary Member, Developers Posts: 2,028 PRO
    edited September 16
    Logitech G600 + any 3Dconnexion space mouse (whichever you can afford)

    G600 is similar to MX above but it has 12 thumb buttons and two middle finger buttons. all can be programmed with (2) configurations based on holding the far right button down (kind of like holding shift)
    This way you can get (28) unique functions on your mouse.
    If you REALLY wanna get technical, there are 3 modes you can switch to on the fly: Rainbow/White/Green
    Rainbow and White offer the right shift button while green does not (For some reason)
    So, if your really insane you can program (70) unique functions on they fly.
    On top of that, you can set it for each program running in the foreground. Giving you flexibility from program to program.

    Can be intimidating at first, but it is worth the learning curve. (Esspecially if your like me and like to work with just one hand, while resting your chin on your other hand).

    I have been using the G600 and the razor naga (Dont buy a naga! Piece of crap with no where near the versatility compared to G600) exclusively since it came out 10 years ago. Never been happier, never felt so handicap when I use anything else after that!

    The price has come down a few times. They used to be $90, now they are like $40 USD.
    Even if you don't get the 3D space mouse, the G600 is a must.

    If you get the G600, then all the buttons on the higher grade 3Dconnexion mice are meaningless. So just get the basic one:

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