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Using the "Sweep" command over multiple line segments.

robert_melascagliarobert_melascaglia Member Posts: 42 EDU
Greetings All

I have created a multi-line segment to ultimately use to sweep a profile across it.  I created the sweep profile at one of the line segments and everything works just fine.

However, when sweeping the profile it creates "one part" although you can see the demarcation lines of the individual line segments.

Question:  How do I change the "one part" to the "multiple parts" that it really is (and should be)?  I realize I can create the "sweep profile" with its own "normal plane" at each line segment, then sweep, and have all the unique parts - but is there an easier way?




  • NeilCookeNeilCooke Moderator, Onshape Employees Posts: 5,235
    Why “should it be” multiple parts?

    one sweep = one part

    if you create a sweep along the first segment you can create the next sweep using the end face of the previous one and select “New” to create a new part. No extra sketches required. 
    Senior Director, Technical Services, EMEAI
  • robert_melascagliarobert_melascaglia Member Posts: 42 EDU
    Why “should it be” multiple parts?  Because I want to define "certain segments" in an assembly and not the entire "one part."
  • John_P_DesiletsJohn_P_Desilets Onshape Employees, csevp Posts: 230

    You have a few options. You could sweep the entire profile as one part and split the part at the desired segments. Or you can sweep an individual profile, use the face of the last sweep as the next profile and so on.  Feel free to post a link to your Document for us to take a look at.

    Good Luck!

  • robert_melascagliarobert_melascaglia Member Posts: 42 EDU
    John, very interesting in lieu of creating the three-parts I desired with three sweep commands.  Splitting the "one part" into three - that is what I am after.

    Below is a simple wrought iron top rail that I want to "split" into three parts - thanks you for the advise.

  • robert_melascagliarobert_melascaglia Member Posts: 42 EDU
    Thank you John - it worked beautifully, and with just one sweep command.  Something I will not forget.
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