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Reuse existing Drawing for multiple remove-extrusions

kvdmolenkvdmolen Member Posts: 16 PRO
edited April 9 in Using Onshape
For example, I have an aluminum profile. I made a Sketch of it, which is defined around the center point. This is quite a difficult sketch.
I can easily use this Sketch te extrude the profile.

However, I also have various parts where I mill this profile into other parts (so the negative).
This is done for many parts.

Can I re-use ONE drawing for all these remove-extrusions?

Copy-paste a drawing into a new sketch somehow works, but two problems:
- It is a copy-paste (perhaps I want to change the original).
- If the sketch uses references to planes, e.g. mirror, these references are lost in the paste. Centerpoint can be positioned, rotation also, however redefine planes are difficult..



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