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How do I use the PARTcommunity?

Beginner here, just trying to figure out how to use the PARTcommunity to insert parts from catalogs. I cannot figure it out.

Can someone help please?


Best Answer


  • NeilCookeNeilCooke Moderator, Onshape Employees Posts: 3,611
    Subscribe in the App Store, then inside a Document, add the application from the + menu, bottom left
    Director, Technical Services, EMEAI
  • anthony_knightanthony_knight Member Posts: 5
    Accepted Answer

    OK I figured it out, I had the same problem as this person: https://forum.onshape.com/discussion/14341/add-application-no-where-to-be-found

    Fixed by reloading the window with "Command + Shift + R" (Mac), clearing the cache

    Now Add application... appears correctly:

  • Glenn_BabeckiGlenn_Babecki Member Posts: 5 EDU
    Thanks to the above discussion I got the PARTcommunity app/link installed and basically functioning.

    However, trying to get an 80-20 part inserted into a design document. I found and selected the part that I wanted (pivot bracket with brake) and I selected "insert into Onshape".   It seemed to take forever to generate the CAD model and I'm not sure if it completed properly but after poking some related links on the page it indicated "Generation successful" and "CAD MODEL is ready for download".  However there is no apparent means to download or complete the insertion of the model into the Onshape document. Does anyone have experience with making PARTcommunity work?

    I haven't even got to address the issue of "download tickets" described in another forum thread.

    I suspect I will have to contact PARTcommunity to hear their story since it's their app.
  • NeilCookeNeilCooke Moderator, Onshape Employees Posts: 3,611
    We have made them aware that it is not working, however a little more pressure wouldn’t go amiss. 
    Director, Technical Services, EMEAI
  • Glenn_BabeckiGlenn_Babecki Member Posts: 5 EDU

    Thanks for the status on the PARTcommunity app.  I feel much better now if this is a known problem reported to PARTcommunity.  A colleague of mine that is a more advanced Onshape user told me he uses PARTcommunity fairly regularly and hasn't experienced this problem.  I'm not clear if this issue just cropped up or it is specific to the particular 80-20 part I was referencing but will get on to PARTcommunity about it as well.

    As a relatively new user of Onshape I have been working my way through the training videos and exercises.  While working on some starter projects I end up getting exposed to some features outside of my stage of learning, but learning by experience helps solidify the knowledge.


  • anthony_knightanthony_knight Member Posts: 5

    I have the same problem the, the model never generates. I gave up with the onshape version of PART community and went direct with b2b PARTcommunity (google it)

  • Paul_ChoinPaul_Choin Member Posts: 1
    I'm having the same problem with the model never seeming to be there.
  • Glenn_BabeckiGlenn_Babecki Member Posts: 5 EDU
    Anthony, Paul,

    Yeah I went directly to PART community and as they say, "bing, bang, boom" I had a generated part to download and insert in no time flat.  A little less convenient that I suppose the app is purported be, but at least it works.  I left a comment with PARTcommunity support but don't have any response as of today.

    Anyway, thanks for the further confirmation that I wasn't crazy.
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