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Importing Dxf into sketches never seems to work correctly

ryan_mcgoldrick47ryan_mcgoldrick47 Member Posts: 25 PRO
Maybe I am using the wrong settings but cant find any resources that help.

Whenever I try to import a DXF from illustrator It always imports in red and has missing lines or imports strangely and usually I cannot get it to scale either.

Sometimes I will go and add anchor points then use the simplify path convert to straight lines workflow but by the time there are enough points on the paths to create "Seemingly" curved lines from straight lines onshape at the point usually really struggles to import and work with the artwork.

This is a fairly crucial workflow to be able to use and it never has seemed to work well for me.

In solidworks I never really had any issues but onshapes DXF handling seems to be lacking or I am I missing something?

I don't like having to convert to straight lines then add anchor points, its heavy and also not using the same artwork lines that were originally created.


  • ryan_mcgoldrick47ryan_mcgoldrick47 Member Posts: 25 PRO
    For instance I have now been waiting for 10 minutes for a dxf to load into a sketch that used the convert to straight lines workflow and still have a spinning blue wheel.
  • ryan_mcgoldrick47ryan_mcgoldrick47 Member Posts: 25 PRO
    I think I will have to for now just use solidworks to handle any DXF's, convert to surfaces > Export as .step > Import .step to onshape.
  • NeilCookeNeilCooke Moderator, Onshape Employees Posts: 3,405
    Can you share the DXF or Onshape doc here? If not, please open a support ticket. 
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