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Only on some models : Onshape is not connected. Your document is saved. Refresh the browser to cont

Richard_K5ANRRichard_K5ANR Member Posts: 2
My user name is : richard_haynes953

The document in question is : Teaching Tech Parts Examples  (Tab name is "drill shelf")

My computer is Win 10 on Asus mobo  AMD3700  w/ 16Gb ram and Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070 Super - latest drivers and mobo BIOS updates.  Problem exists with Fire Fox and Chrome on some models only ...

Most documents work find but I have a couple that will not open, I get LOADING STUDIO and LOADING DATA then the disconnect message.

I have tested by disabling  the ethernet port and using WiFi connection but no change was noted so I don't think it is the network drivers .....

     I am able to open these same models with 2 other Win 10 computers without issue.
     Both of these computers are small laptops. 
     They are on the same network and the same router.
     They can open the model using either Cat5 or WiFi so I don't think this is a network socket issue.

I am at a loss trying to discover why this one machine fails to load the model when others will.  This happens with Fire Fox and Chrome.

I have flushed all cache for both Fire Fox and Chrome and rebooted the computer
     but I am still getting the Disconnect part way thru loading the model shown above on this one machine.

Is there an error log I can look at or is there a way to turn on error logging in hopes of finding what Onshape code is not finding?

Thank you for your help and for a really great tool !!



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