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iOS: How to delete points in sketch ?

maxym_runovmaxym_runov Member Posts: 2
I can't figure out how to delete points when editing sketch in iOS app (on Desktop I select point and click delete). Trim is not working for points, it does delete lines but leaves points behind. I can delete dimensions by sliding to the left in the list (again it's just hitting delete on Desktop). But right now I have to go to Desktop app to delete stray points :(

What am I missing ?


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    Mitch_PricerMitch_Pricer OS Professional, Developers Posts: 27 PRO
    Points cannot always be trimmed away as they are required for certain types of sketch entities; such as if you trim away 3/4 of a circle, a point will be left behind as a way to define the radius of the remaining arc.

    As far as deleting points in the iOS app, I have always had luck taping on them with one finger to select them, bringing up the context menu with a two finger tap outside of the model, and choosing "Delete" from the bottom of the list.

    Hope that helps!
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    maxym_runovmaxym_runov Member Posts: 2
    edited December 2015
    I didn't realize there was contextual menu (or how to invoke it). Did exactly what I needed, hanks !
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    NoFearNoFear Member Posts: 3
    My points are endpoints of lines segments (or Centre of a circle) that I have trimmed. When I extrude, the points form a line on the extruded object in the direction of the extrusion. Is there a way to delete the end points so they don’t form this line. Just looks weird on the design. 
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