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How do I get my 3D Loft right with 3D Splines?

dennis_de_klerkdennis_de_klerk Member Posts: 9 EDU
Dear Community,

I have a question based on a 3D model I'm trying to generate of a 3D curved model plane rudder:

So as you can see I've generated a couple of sections in the rudder with the spline command ("say horizontal plane"). In the "vertical plane" I've generated a sketch and also a couple of 3D Splines. As you can see I've selected the one for the leading and trailing edge.

Here comes my problem: I can generate a 3D solid using Loft straight away but it doesn't follow exactly the 3D splines. I would like to use the 3D splines as guides / path therefore. However, these lines are not selectable from point to point, only as a whole. I therefore need to split the lines (?) into individual (point2point) lines I would think? How can I achieve this best?

Obviously, perhaps my strategy is wrong to start with, so feel free to make any suggestion how to achieve the solid in the first place?

Also, The top section is more of a "triangle" shape, where the loft should start from the profile (surface) and end up in a point. I was thinking of using the Fill command, again needed individual lines (here the spline in the sketch of the profile is the problem: it is only selectable as a whole and not in segments).

So in summary I think I'd like to know how to get point2point selectable lines from splines in sketches and 3D splines?

Thanks and kind regards!


  • philip_thomasphilip_thomas Member, Onshape Employees, Developers Posts: 1,081
    OOOO - an aero/hydrodynamic thing !!!! (I am an aeronautical engineer, so i tend to get excited about things like this). That said, just like everywhere else in the forum, post a public link and multiple people will dive in and show you how to do it. Looking forward to having a go myself! :)

    Philip Thomas - Onshape
  • dennis_de_klerkdennis_de_klerk Member Posts: 9 EDU
    Hi Philip,

    Thank you for your nice reply. It is an RC Glider, called "Bird of Time". It was really good in its days, and I like the elegant lines it possesses. I'm happy to share a public link, if I understand what to do ;-). I'm relatively new here. So you mean to make the project available publicly right? I don't think there will be much problems with copyright of the original drawing, so if you mean this, I'll do so indeed?

    Please let me know, I look forward to your reply. Just to get you more exited:

    Kind regards,


  • mbartlett21mbartlett21 Member Posts: 788 EDU
    Just copy the URL if the document
  • philip_thomasphilip_thomas Member, Onshape Employees, Developers Posts: 1,081
    @dennis_de_klerk - Dennis - looks like an awesome project!
    The link you shared was a view only link. Sometimes this is all that is needed for someone to help you.
    Where you have 'fiddly' problems (like this loft), the only way for someone to help you (by actually completing the loft), is to make the document public. At that point, a good samaritan (of which there are plenty on here), will make a copy (they cannot change yours) and fix it. Once fixed, they will post a link to their document (having made it public) so that you can see how they did at. At that point you can do it yourself OR, make of copy of the new public document for yourself and just carry on. :)
    Philip Thomas - Onshape
  • dennis_de_klerkdennis_de_klerk Member Posts: 9 EDU
    Hi Philip,

    Ok, I think I've made the document public now and perhaps you need a new link:


    No problem sharing, like mentioned, I don't think it has any copyright anymore (original drawing) and I'd be honoured if someone would built it from the OnShape 3D model at some point ;-)

    Hope you can fix it. I got some result, but not the right result by all means. 

    So please go for it OnShape community ;-)

    Kind regards.
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