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Improvements to Onshape - December 16, 2015

lougallolougallo Member, Moderator, Onshape Employees, Developers Posts: 1,798
edited January 2016 in New in Onshape
Onshape was recently updated and this will be the first of many releases without the BETA label.  Last week we announced the commercial version of Onshape along with our private BETA launch of the App Store.  A few statistics from our Beta program:
  • Over 10,000 users participated
  • 400,000 hours of modeling performed
  • 4,000,0000 model features created
  • Imported/Exported 390,000 files
  • Created 325,000 STL files
Soon the Onshape App Store will be widely available offering partner solutions in a number of categories:
  • Simulation
  • CAM
  • Rendering
  • Content
  • Design
  • Import/Export
  • Productivity
  • 3D Printing 
If you would like to be considered for the App Store Private Beta, Sign up here!  

Here are some additional highlights of the recent update:

  1. NEW Replicate - Automated mate utility in Onshape Assemblies to copy and populate components.

  2. NEW Detail View envelope - Fully associative detail view.

  3. NEW Datum Symbols and GD&T  - Add datum and geometric dimensioning and tolerancing support in Drawings.

On behalf of Onshape, I would like to thank all of you that participated in our Onshape Beta and Pre-production programs!  The amazing feedback and forum discussions have helped us get to this point and we will continue the discussion far into this commercial release.  Happy cadding!  ~Lou

Remember: The updates listed here are now live for all users when creating new documents and over the next few days these features will also be available in documents created before the date of this update.
Lou Gallo / PD/UX - Support - Community / Onshape, Inc.


  • christopher_quijanochristopher_quijano OS Professional Posts: 41 PRO
    GD&T! Thank you Onshape!
  • pete_yodispete_yodis OS Professional, Mentor Posts: 666 ✭✭✭
    That replicate functionality is super slick.  Nice present under the tree.  
  • shashank_aaryashashank_aarya Member Posts: 265 ✭✭✭
    Wow! Fantastic release. Replicate, GD and T awesome!
  • viruviru Member, Developers Posts: 619 ✭✭✭✭
    Replicate and GD & T are fantastic release. Thank you Onshape team :)

  • fastwayjimfastwayjim Member, OS Professional, Mentor Posts: 219 PRO
  • brucebartlettbrucebartlett Member, OS Professional, Mentor, User Group Leader Posts: 2,037 PRO
    Some great new features ie. replicate and GD & T as well as subtle changes . I noticed now when I select a part in the part studio all of that parts features are highlighted in the feature tree, very handy as trees and parts lists grow.
    Engineer ı Product Designer ı Onshape Consulting Partner
    Twitter: @onshapetricks  & @babart1977   
  • michael3424michael3424 Member Posts: 508 ✭✭✭
    That replicate feature will come in real handy.  Nice update!
  • philip_thomasphilip_thomas Member, Moderator, Onshape Employees, Developers Posts: 1,381
    Lest the readers here think that @brucebartlett is writing his own code, has access to a future version or is simply drinking earlier in the day than the rest of us, what he is actually referring to is a subtle change to our coloring and highlighting schemes that now show a primary and secondary component. 

    Example 1: I edit an extrude feature. The Extrude in the FM gets the primary highlight and the constituent sketch (that is sometimes absorbed in other CAD systems) is highlighted as the secondary (light gray with a blue underline).

    Example 2: I highlight a component in an assembly that is buried three sub-assemblies deep in the product. Starting from the top level sub-assembly that contains the selected part, each sub-assembly is highlighted with the secondary color and so on down to the selected part which receives the primary highlight. 

    Make sense? :)

    Philip Thomas - Onshape
  • dennis_20dennis_20 Member Posts: 88 ✭✭✭
    @philip_thomas You ARE speaking for yourself regarding your not having started drinkninninng yet today.   ;)
  • michał_1michał_1 Member, Developers Posts: 214 ✭✭✭
    Hold on did I missed something?

    Exactly yesterday I was working Onshape-Rhino, I don't have any Rhino export/import options?
  • cody_armstrongcody_armstrong Moderator, Onshape Employees, Developers Posts: 197
    michał_1 This is my mistake, this capability was removed for that update.  The video should not have been available.  I apologize.

    Hopefully very soon we will have this.
  • 3dcad3dcad Member, OS Professional, Mentor Posts: 2,441 PRO

  • øyvind_kaurstadøyvind_kaurstad Member Posts: 234 ✭✭✭
    It's been a while since the last public update now. When can we expect more goodies from the Onshape team?  :-)
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