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Copy entities from one sketch to another, then move them all

daniel_chowdaniel_chow Member Posts: 108 ✭✭
Merry Christmas everyone! 

I'm trying to recreate this machine vise tutorial in parts studio from scratch. 

Here is a link to my public document.  

I see that copying entities of a sketch is a relatively new feature. I am able to copy entities from one sketch into another one, but how do I move them?

Here is what I'm trying to do, copy the highlighted contents of sketch 6 onto sketch 7 which is on the face of the Jaw part. Then use it to extrude the slider part and ADD it to the jaw. 

And here is my attempt ... as you can see, I cant move the pasted entities into place. Im trying to somehow "join" the entities together and move them as a whole, snap them to a point that I specify. I think one of the problems I'm having is for some reason, I am not able to constrain the original sketch #6. 

1.gif 220K
2.gif 367.6K

Best Answers


  • daniel_chowdaniel_chow Member Posts: 108 ✭✭
    Link to the parts studio that I used to make these videos

    Hey guys, thanks for the tips... still having some troubles with this. 

    Here is an alternate scenario. Lets say I'm drawing at table with 4 legs. Two legs will be on one plane, two will be in another plane. Since they are the same table legs, I want to copy the sketch entities from one sketch into another one, group them together and snap them in place. Here is a simplified visual of what I think I'm after:

    Here is a simple sketch on a plane that is 2" off the front pane. I want to copy the entities of this sketch into another plane and snap them into place.

    Here I create a new sketch on the Front pane and paste the sketch entities into it from the Sketch on the custom pane above. 

    Here is me trying to move the selected sketch entities to a point on the new sketch. I try to "wake up" a point, and try to select two points and use a co-incident constraint. 

    Here is me drawing some construction lines in an intersection hoping to be able to snap my selected sketch entities to the intersection. 

    Anyone else have ideas? I figure there must be a way to copy sketch entities from one sketch to another, group them and transform / move / snap them in place. 
    1a.gif 476.2K
    2a.gif 275.1K
    3a.gif 172.6K
    4a.gif 178.8K
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