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Sheet metal export

ian_elvarian_elvar Member Posts: 2

I've got a couple of questions about sheet metal exports I couldn't find answers to:

Is there a way to export all sheet metal flat patterns in a part studio, assembly or document? I have a document with a complex sheet metal structure which is slow and frustrating to export by finding the flat patterns and right clicking on individual parts to export when issuing a new version. 

Also, is there a way to modify how files are named on export? As it is, the name of the part is OK, but a part number too would be even more helpful.

Many thanks!



  • philip_thomasphilip_thomas Member, Moderator, Onshape Employees, Developers Posts: 1,381
    @ian_elvar - These are great points.

    Re the export of multiple files simultaneously, we already do this for STL (from an assembly) and have an enhancement on the books for doing it for any file format. The workflow would be to drop each of the sheet metal parts (flattened) into an assembly one time, and then export as separate files in one go upon release. To have your Pro-Vote added to the list of requesters, please submit a feedback ticket.
    As for naming the parts on export, you only need to rename the part to be the part number one time and they will be called that in all operations moving forward.

    I hope this helps - Philip.
    Philip Thomas - Onshape
  • ian_elvarian_elvar Member Posts: 2
    Hi Philip 

    Thanks for the swift reply, I'll get a feedback ticket raised.
  • kent_hendersonkent_henderson Member Posts: 68 PRO
    I think this thread has gone dead. Can I ask that it come back to life? I agree with Ian. I live in Onshape's sheet metal which I find mostly excellent BTW. But exporting each piece individually is painfully time consuming and prone to errors. Here is a bin made from 20,000 lbs of plate steel containing 28 pieces. It would be so nice to grab all of them and export them as individual dxfs. In this example I screwed up and missed exporting an 8' x 12' yellow piece and I exported (1) too many of the smaller purple triangles. We use Onshape because we're able to hit our dimensions every time on our burnouts. It saves us money. Being able to export all the sheet metal pieces at once would save me even more. :\

  • lanalana Onshape Employees Posts: 661
    Not exactly what you are asking, but there is a batch option in sheet metal dxf export - notice the last check box here
  • pmdpmd Member, Developers Posts: 56 PRO
    @lana - the batch option in sheet metal export only batches the flats for the currently selected sheet metal feature. Most of the time I have a part studio with multiple sheet metal features and most of these only produce one flat item so the checkbox is not useful.

    What would be most useful, to many people I believe, would be a batch download of all flat pattern dxfs in the entire part studio using the Part Number as the filename (or at least part of the filename) within the zip.
  • lanalana Onshape Employees Posts: 661
    @pmd Thank you for clarifying.
  • kent_hendersonkent_henderson Member Posts: 68 PRO
    Very nice. I'm not sure how I missed that. 
  • castor1967castor1967 Member Posts: 1
    Just wondering if this feature to export all the flat DXFs at once ever got added?
  • PhilWPhilW Member Posts: 3 PRO
    Bumping this thread. Exporting all flat DXFs in a part studio would be extremely useful. 
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