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Slope between 2 Points



  • billy2billy2 Member, OS Professional, Mentor, Developers Posts: 1,297 PRO
    edited January 5
    I just realized I've hi-jacked this thread and turned it into a curve discussion, sorry.

    Bridge curves will pickup the mid point of an existing curve. 3D curve (3d fit spline) will not:

    So, one of the reason's I liked Ilya's 3D spline feature script, with my modification, I could pick the mid point of another curve. This is something I do a lot when creating planar faces on mesh data. But, can I stay in native code without feature scripts?

    planar face on mesh:
    1. construct 2 vectors
    2. sweep one vector along the other
    3. extend surface edges beyond working area
    4. sketch your stuff
    5. offset 0mm to create a trimmed surface

    I used a modified feature script but you can use a bridge curve and create 2 vectors:

    Sweep to create a plane:

    Extend surface to make plane usable, this is a feature script:

    Use this plane to create a sketch:

    Create another sculpted surface (trimmed surface) from sketch:

    I went from mesh data to a planar face which is the start of a part. Notice the 2 vectors (highlighted curves) are co-planar to my sculpted face. This is repeated several times to stitch together the beginning of a part.

    This is an example of surfaces migrating into solids.

  • MBartlett21MBartlett21 Member Posts: 1,615 EDU
    You can use this feature to extrude a line in a direction defined by two vertices, rather than having to create another line to sweep along:
    MB - I make FeatureScripts: view FS (My FS's have "Official" beside them)
  • billy2billy2 Member, OS Professional, Mentor, Developers Posts: 1,297 PRO
    @mbartlett21 nice! I've been looking for thins and you've brought them to onshape. It's in my tool bar.

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