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Help with Screw Relation

c_harshac_harsha Member Posts: 15 PRO

I have a linear rail assembly (with two rails, 1 motor) as shown in figure. The screw has revolute mate with motor (different subassembly in same document), the carriage has slider mate with the rail (different subassembly in same document). I have placed all remaining parts like nut (not visible in image) fastened to Part-A. Part-A is fastened to the carriage. the motor and rails are fixed to same part in main assembly.

Note: Part-A is the part that slides on two carriages.

Now I want to achieve screw relation between screw and nut. When I use cylindrical mate between them, I have it as over-constrained mate. So, I try Screw relation between revolute and slider mates of screw and carriage respectively, I have a message saying 'screw relation requires cylindrical mate'.

can someone please help me achieve this screw relation and figure out the problem I am facing?  


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