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Pull line back to node to create arc.

brucebartlettbrucebartlett Member, OS Professional, Mentor, User Group Leader Posts: 2,129 PRO
The one thing I still miss from SolidWorks is the ability when sketching to pull back to the node to change from line to arc. I haven't used SolidWorks since 2016, just pure Onshape but still find myself trying to do this when sketching. 
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  • S1monS1mon Member Posts: 1,697 PRO
    I more preferred the 'a' key to toggle between arc and line in Solidworks, but I totally get the frustration with the lack of some sort of shortcut. I did a quick search and couldn't find an appropriate improvement request. It seems like there must be one somewhere, and if not, there should be.
  • john_mcclaryjohn_mcclary Member, Developers Posts: 3,781 PRO
    I agree, that was a handy feature 
  • billy2billy2 Member, OS Professional, Mentor, Developers, User Group Leader Posts: 1,940 PRO
    I'm still trying to get it to switch and it never does.

  • Lucas_KuhnsLucas_Kuhns Member Posts: 59 PRO
    I caught myself trying to do this the other day too! Very handy feature from SW.
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